I’m in the lab on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons, for a total of about ten hours. Today was a training/reading day;  I had to read the first chapter of At the Bench, A Laboratory Navigator (Barker, Kathy, Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Print.).

After reading chapter one, I looked through the rest of the book. For the subject matter, its very well written. Ms. Barker makes a potentially dry subject, how to get around in a lab, interesting and engaging. Two things actually made me giggle:

  • As I posted previously, I came on board fairly quickly and two days after acceptance had to give a presentation. Since I was one of (maybe the) last REU student, my presentation was last. I got to watch all the other REU presentations… which were awesome. Everyone was really informative and had lots of information to talk about. I had three slides and a link to Anthony’s Notebook website. It all went wonderfully and then reading about “proper slides” just made me laugh.
  • The last Nonnegotiable Safety Rule:  Don’t mouth pipette. Dr. Koch wrote in the margin: If you do this you are crazy. Wow, funny stuff.

I can tell this lab experience will be fun and informative.