Today I helped Anthony set up Trial 4 of the Repeating Crumley (RC) experiment (this will be the third set of usable data). We use four types of water: Deionized (DI), 33% D2O, 66% D20, and 99% D20; with two species of seeds: Virginia Gold #1 tobacco and Columbia Arabidopsis . Previously he had DDW water also, but we are eliminating that portion of the experiment for this trial.

I counted out tobacco seeds, Anthony handled the Arabidopsis seeds. We need 30 seeds for each analyslide. It was more difficult than it looked, as Anthony has previously posted.

First we put out four sheets of 4×4 weighing paper and fold each sheet in half. Next I tapped what looked like 30 seeds (turned out to be almost 60) out of the envelope that holds the seeds. Then, using the tweezers, I proceeded to count the seeds by attempting to move them with the tweezers to an empty portion of the weighing paper. The seeds and the tweezers seemed to have the same charge, so the tweezers never touched the seeds. The seeds where repelled by the tweezers, so I had to be very careful, otherwise the seeds would jump right off of the paper into Elsewhere.

While I was counting the first set of 30 seeds, Anthony gave me a tip for the next three sets:

Tobacco seeds are fairly large (compared to Arabidopsis seeds), so if I gently tap the little envelope, they will come out a few at a time and I can count them as they fall. By the last set I had the hang of it and was able to get the 30 seeds out without using the tweezers!

We were out of D2O, delivery came later in the day, so Anthony completed the setup on Tuesday.

—— Aside ——

Wednesday, 11/2/2011 — I learn that after I left the lab on Monday, Anthony was careless with his Arabidopsis seeds and they got lost in Elsewhere (see link above). So he trashed everything and had to recount Arabidopsis and tobacco seeds all-by-himself on Tuesday. Trial 4 is now underway.