Friday’s I’m in the lab in the afternoon’s, however last Friday Anthony called me to let me know he was able to gain access to one of CHTM’s Ft-IR spectrometer at 11 a.m. and if I could make it into the lab it would be great for me to observe. We wanted to know if there was a way to “accurately measure the amounts of D2O in H2O or H2O in D2O.” Stephen Myers was very knowledgeable and helpful, even though our first try wasn’t very successful.

However, I did get a research task out of the experiment: find out if any other similar experiments have been conducted, what equipment was used, and how the experiments were performed.

So Friday afternoon and this morning has been spent searching Google Scholar for related information. I’ve found a few articles that may be helpful. I need to learn more about the different types of spectrometers and detectors. We also might have to use smaller quartz cuvettes and/or conduct the experiment in an N2 atmosphere.

I’m waiting on an article from ILLiad, and hopefully will have more information at that time.