What an exciting morning! I’m feeling all geeked out. The new glass cuvettes that Anthony ordered came in and we were able to coordinate some time with Stephen to try the Ft-IR experiment again (see previous post).

We have been wondering if each of our types of water, DDW, D2O, and DI had a noticeably different spectroscopy. We also suspected that after opening a bottle of DDW it would eventually gain back some Deuterium and become normal H2O (which is about 150 ppm Deuterium). We were hoping that the Ft-IR could confirm this theory. Our first try was inconclusive because of the plastic cuvettes we were using.

Pretty exciting results: There is a definite spectropic difference between D2O, DDW, and DI. And the old DDW (about 3+ months) had about the same reading as the DE. Our suspicions were confirmed. We did a little happy dance and a high-five!

Anthony is uploading the results to Google Docs this very minute and will have a more detailed post. I’ve got to leave for another commitment, but I was so excited about this I wanted to share it before I had to leave.