Last month Dr. Koch decided we would use R as our graphing/statistics tool for our figures. I had never heard of it before the email (and was wondering what happened to the letters between D and Q). So I did a quick search right before the holidays for a little introduction to R. I found a webinar by David Smith with Revolution.

Note: I watched the entire webinar before I realized that this was a third party presentation. Although the webinar has some good information the best place to start is at the R project’s home page.

Today I spent my first day back in the lab downloading, installing, and learning the basics of R. It looks like an interesting tool. I don’t think it qualifies as a full-on language like C/C++, but it looks like it may be just as powerful as say MATLAB. I’m not sure yet, and will spend tomorrow going through some online lessons. I also did some searching for a good R book… I’m hoping to get the ‘Introduction to R’ book.

I also spent part of the day reviewing my notes from before break, prioritizing my to-do list, and looking at a few of the other tools that Kochlab uses for open notebooks. I tried my hand at the Basic offering of Mind Meister, opened up Slide Share, and I’ve got Google+ operating with video.

Finally I started to jot down some notes for a presentation I have in two weeks. What I would like to do is take all of Anthony’s data from the DDW and Repeating Crumley experiments, analyze them, and create some really kick-a** graphs for the presentation using R.