I spent all day going through several R tutorials. My brain is a little spent. I’ve realized that I need a good reference book. I’m the geek that likes to read the dictionary. When I learn new code I like to read through the book with the basic commands first, before I start banging stuff out. I learn best when I know what’s available to use and then I can put things together.

That being said, I did go to a local brick and mortor book store to look for a reference book a few weeks ago with Anthony. The selection of books available there was disappointing. Of course there is a plethora of books available online. I”ll be ordering one in the next day or two.  I’d also like to know what all the library packages do. I’m hoping that the book I get has a good package referrence.

Part of the reason for my lack of understanding might also be that I don’t have statistics experience. So, therre were a few things in the tutorials that I didn”t understand from that angle. I”ll get it. More studying to do tomorrow.