Brain Dump of what I’ve learned today:

  1. R’s GUI preferences are stored in the Rconsole file. I’ve found two on my machine, one in C:\Program Files\R\R-2.14.1\etc, and a second (the one that R seems to be using for its GUI) in C:\Users\Alex\Documents. I find it strange that the one that R is pulling from is in Documents and not with the other R program files.
  2. I’ve started a document listing the commands that I learn as I’m going (probably will stop updating when my book arrives on Saturday. It’s posted on Google Docs
  3. I wanted a way to sync my MS Office documents with Google Docs, and I didn’t see anything other than to re-upload and overwrite. Found Google Cloud Connect after searching for “sync google docs.” (I also didn’t like the way Google messed with my table formatting.) Note: The Google Cloud toolbar is bulky.
  4. Getting a file off of the internet requires the package RCurl, which has the function getURL.

I spent most of the day going over, line by line Dr. Koch’s R code when he compared Anthony’s and my FTIR with Seigelstein’s. I opened the code in RStudio and used the R Console to pull up the help for each of the commands/functions. Although, on a high level I understood what the code was doing, it was helpful to get down and dirty and read the specs and learn about the arguments. I wont remember how to do stuff on my own, but I’ll know what can be done. As I’m moving along I’m taking notes in my R commands.docx document.

I’m taking a break. I think I’ll watch some youtube videos tonight.