Some Background: I”ve got a full++ course load this semester, so I haven’t been in the Lab much this week to work on research related stuff. I’m a Computer Engineering major, hoping to get accepted into UNM’s 3+2 program and end up with a BS in Computer Engineering and an MBA in May 2015. My main motivation for working with Dr. Koch and Anthony was the Open Notebook Science portion of their work (and I just love the atmosphere of our lab — we’re the cool kids in our building).

So while I find all the stuff we do with D2O and protein studies really fascinating,my first love is with ONS. I truly believe that this is the way of future science and I’m so very grateful to get to be a part of it.

When I’m busy with all the engineering studies, in the back of my mind is a constant buzz … How can I take what I’m learning in school, the goals that I have, and marry all that with this exciting ONS movement — that I really want to continue to be a part of, even after my REU is over? :End Background

Here it comes… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it:

I had a really interesting experience today and I think that the marriage I want is going to arise.

In between classes this morning I ran into my Logic Design Prof (Marios Pattichis), and we started talking about the Lab portion of the class. He asked me what I thought, and I told him (truthfully) that VHDL is cool, but the supporting documentation for the lab really sucks. We then got into this discussion about my past experience (15 years as a technical writer, documentation manager, and trainer) and how I could maybe contribute to make the lab better.

I have been thinking about talking to him about this very thing, but was afraid that as an undergrad I wouldn’t qualify, I would be turned down, or whatever else the fear wanted to tell me for that day.

I said I would love to start a dialog with him about this over the rest of the semester. He then says, “Do everything (i.e., my lab work) open source.” I’m hoping that what I heard was what he really meant. Anyway, then I start to get really excited, and tell him about what I’m doing in the KochLab with Open Notebook Science.

 “OMG, this is really exciting,” I’m thinking. This is just the opportunity that I’ve been looking for. So that is my story.

I’m going to set up another blog for my Logic Lab Notebook in the next week (in my spare time LOL). Dr. Pattichis seemed to like that idea, and mentioned something about making it available to the class. So I need to get on it soon. I’m also hoping to start reworking the lab tutorials so that maybe I can be a TA or something next fall.

I’ll have to get really dedicated about blogging every day.  That is my weakness. My strength is my excitement about ONS.