About Me

I’ve been attending college, off and on for years without any real direction. Professionally, I was doing pretty well. I usually made decent money and enjoyed my job. There wasn’t any reason to return to school unless it was something that would significantly advance my career or change my life.

Then, during the summer of ’08, I took an astronomy class. That was the life-changing experience… math and science… I loved them, alot! I also realized I’ve been working directly with Engineers almost my entire career, and I really enjoy their company. So I started working towards a goal. Two classes a semester, while working full-time.

In January of 2010 I decided to return to school full-time to complete a Computer Engineering (maybe EE) undergraduate degree, and continue for an extra year and get an MBA. I was accepted at the University of New Mexico. I was officially accepted into the School of Engineering this fall (2011).

This semester I applied for an REU position with CHTM and was also accepted. This is the history of that experience and opportunity.


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