So my REU internship ended in May. Thank you so very much Anthony Salvagno and Steve Koch for the experiences and opportunities you graciously shared with me over the past eight months.

I’m updating my blog/notebook to include my undergraduate and future experiences.

I was accepted for another NSF internship program for the summer. I’m working with some really great people at a UNM Research Center called COSMIAC. I’m updating FPGA/VHDL training materials and learning more about programing FPGAS. I’m really enjoying my time here, and here are some reasons why:

  • Last semester I took ECE 238 – Computer Logic and Design – and fell in love with VHDL and computer logic. This is the field I would eventually like to be working in, so the work I’m doing is really relevant for me.
  • My supervisors are supportive of me and really engaged in my success (just like Anthony and Steve were and still are).
  • I’m going on a little trip at the beginning of August to help train some people at a community college. What better way to learn more about a topic than to teach it.
  • I get to blog about my work.
  • (They also let me work 4 days a week, so I can have long weekends with my children for the summer! )

I’ll post updates about my experiences here.