While having lunch with Anthony I realized that I’ve been keeping my To Do list in my head. That’s a fairly dangerous place because of the high volume of traffic zipping around in there right now.

I’ve started a Google Docs Spreadsheet to help me keep better track of the stuff I have going on.

I’m using this list as a daily, “What do I want to accomplish today” type of list. Hopefully it will help me to better utilize my time in the lab (there is so much to learn about, I get distracted easily).

For instance, today, I was going through my email, logged into Google + and saw a post by Cameron Neylon about Zooniverse, Citizen Science and FigShare. I’m thinking that’s some cool stuff, let me take a quick peek. My “quick peek” turns into me creating a Zooniverse account and then proceeding to classify at least three stars and post a question – all to the tune of 20 minutes gone.

Nothing wrong with all of that, except I have a few other things to look over before I start worrying about which stars have planets. Although, it is super cool, and I want my sons to look for planets instead of playing MineCraft.